Mold Man® 8200

The Mold-Man® 8200 Thermoplastic Machine is a high-volume model designed for dispensing thermoplastic materials such as copolyesters and polyamides. Includes touch screen controls, 5.5 ton clamping force, exact pressure control, and requires integration with up to two Melt-Man™ material melt units. The Mold-Man® 8200 is CE compliant.

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Mold-Man® 8200TP


Run one or two melt/processing units at the same time
Run different molding materials or parameters at the same time
Two melt units can pump up to 40 grams/sec
Designed for high volume production runs above 250,000 units per year
Shuttle table operation, practically double your output
User-friendly operation
Mold up to eight cavities at the same time (depending on part size)
Fully independent adjustable process control (closed loop processing)
Precisely meter shot sizes, accurate control flow rates, and exact pressure control
Patented permanent nozzle engagement for fewer moving parts


Height 1950 mm / 77”
Width 1925 mm / 76”
Depth 1150 mm / 45.5”
Weight 795 kg / 1750 lbs
Min. Footprint 1925 mm X 1676 mm / 76” X 66” (includes 8200 and melt units)
Power Supply 200-240 VAC
Single Phase: 50/60 Hz, 30 A
Air Pressure Min. 6 bar / 90 psi
Air Volume Min. 120 lpm / 4 SCFM
Clamp Servo electric driven ballscrew with pneumatic booster
Clamping Force 49 kn / 5.5 tons
Clamp Stroke 203 mm / 8”
Ejector Pneumatic
Ejector Force 180 kg / 400 lbs
Ejector Stroke 20 mm / 0.79”
Shuttle Table Servo electric driven ballscrew
Shuttle Table Stroke 525 mm / 20.67”
Maximum Mold-set Footprint 300 mm X 250 mm / 12” x 10”
Injection Nozzle Patented permanent engagement in upper mold-half
Operator Interface 190 mm / 7.5” color touch screen for easy access to molding parameters
Includes customizable alarm screens, cycle counter, auto-start timer, etc.
Safety Features Safety light curtain, see-thru clamp shield, soft close feature/foreign object
Sensing in clamping cycle, password protection for setup screens
Emergency stop palm button


Melt-Man™ Material Melt Unit For doubled melt capacity or as backup unit for different materials/colors
Double Clamping Cylinder Mold-set Cooling Kit Includes chiller, hoses and fittings