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MoldMan Systems™ offers a variety of low pressure molding product models with the goal of providing a complete, efficient, high-quality molding machine. With different features and capabilities, you can find a custom solution for your application.


Thermoplastic Machines

Thermoplastic Machines

Thermoplastic machines are specifically designed to be compatible with materials like copolyesters and polyamides. MoldMan Systems™ offers a wide variety of machine models suited for different application types and volumes.


Thermoset Machines

Thermoset Machine

Thermoset machines are designed to be compatible with non-plastic materials, such as silicones. The technology offers a new way to overmold electronics, wearables, optics, and more focusing on enhanced accuracy and reduced waste.


Mold-Man® 2050

Compatible Materials:





MoldMan Systems™ can be used with a variety of materials including polyamides, copolyesters, and silicones. Top brands like elemelt™, silset™, and Technomelt® provide options in a range of colors and transparencies.




Why choose a Mold-Man® Machine?


Mold-Man® Machines are designed exclusively for Low Pressure Molding. Focused on user friendliness, long service life and minimal maintenance. They are integrated, purpose built LPM machines, designed without maintenance intensive items.

  • No heated hoses
  • No exposed heated joints
  • No exposed moving injection nozzles


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