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Low pressure molding with Mold-Man® Machines

Designed for success.

All Mold-Man® Machines are designed with capabilities to allow you to produce a variety of overmolding projects on the same piece of equipment. Mold-Man® Machines are configurable, and with our skilled engineering team, you will have their expertise available for each project.

Engineered to perform.

When engineering Mold-Man® Machines, we decided that in order to meet the demands of all types of low pressure molding projects, we needed to build reliable, easy to use, advanced, configurable, and safe equipment. We believe a machine should perform well and do so consistently, resulting in less wasted time, product, and materials.

Built to last.

Mold-Man® Machines are made in the USA, built to the highest standards and incorporate globally sourced high end components to meet world wide demands. One machine can do multiple projects, so whether the focus stays on one, or shifts to another, your Mold-Man® Machine is ready to perform.

Mold Man® 1050

Moldman 6200

MoldMan® 8200


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Whether you are looking for fluid dispensing, meter/mix systems, low pressure molding, or purchasing specialty chemicals we have a solution for your application needs. With 50 years of industry experience, our technical service staff can help you with anything from consulting and product selection to process development and implementation. Looking for a solution to your application? Contact us today or visit one of our related divisions.


Ellsworth Adhesives


Ellsworth Adhesives specializes in the distribution of specialty chemicals and equipment, offering a wide range of products including adhesives, sealants, encapsulants, tapes, soldering products and more.




Fisnar offers a large selection of dispensing valves, fluid dispensers, industrial robots, pumps, reservoirs and accessories suitable for automating bench assembly or large in-line processes.



Fluid Research is a manufacturer of metering, mixing, and dispensing systems for industrial resins and liquids. Products range from table top to fully automated machines for large volume production.



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