Thermoplastic Machines


Thermoplastic machines are specifically designed to be compatible with materials like copolyesters and polyamides. MoldMan Systems™ offers a wide variety of machine models suited for different application types and volumes:

Melt on Demand Molding™ Technology

MoldMan Systems™ has developed patent pending technology for hot melt adhesive molding materials such as polyamides and copolyesters to melt at the ideal time, right before the injection nozzle. This new method reduces material char and degradation, with exact metering of shot size. Melt on Demand Molding™ is ideal for sealing electronics and PCBs and creating molded on strain reliefs. This technology is available in the Mold-Man® 1050 table top machine, and as an option for the Mold-Man® 8200.

Mold Man® 1050

Designed exclusively for low pressure molding, the Mold-Man® 1050 includes features like an intuitive touch screen, 1 ton clamping force, light curtain, and safety actuation.

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Mold Man® 6200

Unique to this model is a shuttle table, adding efficiency to your low-pressure molding process. Also features a patented simple injection system, Quick Exchange melt reservoirs, and 2 ton clamping force.

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Mold Man® 8200

A high-volume thermoplastic option, perfect for large production runs that require one or two melt/processing units, different molding materials, or different molding parameters at the same time.

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Why choose a Mold-Man® Machine?

Mold-Man® Machines are designed exclusively for Low Pressure Molding. Focused on user friendliness, long service life and minimal maintenance. They are integrated, purpose built LPM machines, designed without maintenance intensive items.


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