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silset™ SI Series Silicones

MoldMan Systems™ has its own line of silicones under the name silset™. Designed for use in low pressure molding applications, silset™ SI Series Silicones provide an alternative to polyamides and copolyesters where solvent resistance, flexibility, elasticity, protection against temperature, and memory retention are required.

These fast-curing, two-part silicones are formulated to a 1A:1B volume mix ratio and cure to a tough silicone rubber. Ideal for side-by-side dispensing and meter/mix dispense equipment. Compatible with Mold-Man® 2050.

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ModelsColorMix Ratio by WeightMix Ratio by VolumeViscosity (Mixed)Specific Gravity (Mixed)Pot LifeHardnessDocuments
SI3060Clear1.01 to 11 to 111,500 cps1.0042 min60 ATDS
SI3225Clear1.04 to 11 to 1365,500 cps1.109 min23 ATDS
SI3360White0.89 to 11 to 1130,000 cps1.3010 min60 ATDS
SI3440Clear1.05 to 11 to 168,000 cps1.1040 min40 ATDS
SI3480Clear1.02 to 11 to 118,000 cps1.0620 to 30 min80 ATDS
SI3685Black0.99 to 11 to 1270,000 cps1.4635 min85 ATDS
SI3780Gray0.95 to 11 to 183,000 cps2.196.5 h80 ATDS